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The Louisiana Board of Regents and Louisiana EPSCORare planning to submit a joint proposal tothe National Science Foundation and BP to fund a research conference designed to address the breathof scientific, technical, and other issues raised by the the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

A memo from Kerry Davidson, Deputy Commissioner for Sponsored Programs at the Board of Regents, and Michael Khonsari, EPSCoR Project Director, is attached. The attachment also includes a two page white paper submitted to NSF by Dr. Khonsari describing the proposed conference.

The Board of Regents is inviting suggestions related to the content of the proposal and the organization, themes and desired outcomes of the proposed conference. If you have any insight to provide, please submit your ideas to me at ( ) by noon on June 7, 2010.

This message has been distributed to all faculty.

Attached File:  Gulf Oil Spill Research Conference DOC001.PDF

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By Admin (on 5/19/2010 @ 10:52:43, in Funding Opportunities, read 1336 times)

Dr. Chris Sarampote, Chief, Prevention and Treatment Trials Program at the Division of Developmental Translational Research at NIHM, will be giving a colloquium at UNO in the psychology department conference room 2041 at Noon this Friday, 5/21/2010. His colloquium is “Getting Funded at NIH: NIMH priorities and funding opportunities.” The talk will focus on funding at NIHM but should have broader NIH and NSF application as well. 

For more information about Dr. Sarampote, click here:

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By Admin (on 5/14/2010 @ 10:51:26, in ORSP Announcements, read 1294 times)

The Research Council  is pleased to announce the newest Research Professors for the University of New Orleans.

Early Research Professor:

Ferdinand Poudeu (Department of Chemistry)

University  Research Professor:

Christopher Saucedo (Department of Fine Arts)

Matt Tarr (Department of Chemistry)

Fredrick Barton (Department of English)

Chancellor’s Research Professor:

Xiao-Rong Li  (Department of Electrical Engineering)

Mark Trudell (Department of Chemistry)

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By Admin (on 5/4/2010 @ 10:46:18, in Funding Opportunities, read 1229 times)
We have added a new page to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs web site. You can navigate to the page using the Funding Opportunities button located on our main site at Periodically we will be updating the page and adding new funding opportunities to the top of the list and removing expired opportunities from the bottom. Eventually we will organize the announcements by keywords. Because of the large number of opportunities currently available we wanted to post it as quickly as possible. The current list has funding announcements in Energy, Conservation and Housing and would be of interest to faculty/staff in Engineering, AMRI, PIES, Conservation Biology and CHART. As this page evolves it should become more targeted by topic to the research our faculty and staff are interested in.
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By Admin (on 5/3/2010 @ 10:48:02, in Funding Opportunities, read 1283 times)

The UNO Office of External Affairs and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs are pleased to announce a Request For Proposals from UNO faculty. The Office of External Affairs through the support of the Louisiana Congressional delegation has obtained $1 M in congressionally directed funding from Navy RDT&E to support research projects of full-time tenured or tenure-track UNO faculty. These projects should be of potential interest to the Department of Defense (DoD).   The full RFP can be found on the ORSP web site at:

The deadline for proposals is June 1, 2010.

Any questions should be directed to

This email has been distributed to all faculty.

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By Admin (on 3/16/2010 @ 11:23:24, in Professional Development, read 1587 times)

The Spring 2009 Professional Development schedule has been posted to the Research SharePoint site. Please check SharePoint for the times and locations of the following opportunities.

  • Participant Costs Thursday, March 19th
  • Audit Survival Tuesday, March 31st
  • Proposal Writing Tuesday, April 7th
  • Budget Preparation Wednesday, April 8th
  • Subcontract Process Thursday, April 23rd
  • Award Closeout Tuesday, May 5th
  • Routing Form Wednesday, May 13th
  • Research Jeopardy Thursday, May 21st
Come hear how to effectively and efficiently manage your sponsored funding.

Please register for the above opportunities on the Research SharePoint site. The link to the training page of the Research site is: Once at the site, click New on the menu bar just under the Training Registration title. Complete the requested information and click OK.

Continue to check the SharePoint site for any additions or corrections to the above list.

If you have any questions please contact Carol Mitton at extension 5546 or

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By Admin (on 3/1/2010 @ 10:47:20, in Professional Development, read 1408 times)

On Wednesday March 3rd, the Office of Research will be holding a training session on the new SharePoint Routing Form.  The session will be held in ENG 317 at 10 a.m.  The training will last an hour.  If you have already completed the form but have questions, this training is a good opportunity to ask those questions or to just obtain more information on the form.  If you have not completed the form but plan on it, the training is a good time to check out the new electronic form.  A USB drive will be given to one of the attendees at the end of the training.

If you plan on attending, please register by following this link:  Professional Development Registrations - New Item.  Click New on the menu bar to add a new item.  Complete the requested information and click OK.  You will receive a confirmation email.  If you have any questions, please contact Carol Mitton at extension 5546 or

This email has been sent to all faculty/staff

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By Admin (on 2/15/2010 @ 10:45:29, in SPAWAR, read 1656 times)

In a recent email I mentioned that we had an opportunity to compete for a new SPAWAR contract vehicle that would complement our existing vehicle by providing a more direct method for SSC LANT to work with our faculty on research projects of interest. I provided the list of competencies (or expertise) they were seeking.  I appreciate all of you who have responded so far and if you wish to provide a response on the other competencies, please do so by this Friday.  As of now, I have three competencies for which I either have no or minimal information.  If you have any background in any of these three areas please provide a short (three sentence or so) description of the project you worked on or special knowledge you have.  Thanks for any assistance.  I need this back ASAP or at least by this Friday.  Happy Mardi Gras!

3.1.10 Embedded systems design particularly in areas of power efficiency and mission-designed system-on-chip (SoC) and executable architectures

3.1.11 Packaging Methods such as effects of shock and vibration and advanced concepts in cooling

3.1.14 Safety in areas such as lightning protection effects of radio frequency radiation

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By Admin (on 2/11/2010 @ 10:44:45, in Internal Grant Program, read 1565 times)

As part of the application for the Office of Research Summer Research Program, you must complete and submit an electronic routing form.  On the routing form, please select UNO Research and Sponsored Programs as the sponsor and “Internal” for both the Source of Funds and Award Type.  The Preferred Submission Method should be left at the default value.  Finally,  you do not need to attach sponsor guidelines; please check the appropriate box in Section 7.  If you have any questions about completing the form, please contact Liz Gordon at or extension 6669.

Below are the deadlines for proposal submission:

                SCoRE and CEO                 Friday, February 19, 2010

                SUE                                        Monday, February 22, 2010

Please note that we have extended the deadline to apply to the SCoRE and CEO programs to Friday, February 19th.  Happy Mardi Gras!

This email has been distributed to all faculty.


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By Admin (on 2/11/2010 @ 10:43:45, in ORSP Newsletter, read 1527 times)
Attached please find the UNO ORSP Spring 2010 Newsletter with the usual array of interesting articles and research facts.

Attached File:  SPRING 2010 Newsletter.pdf

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