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By Dr. Whittenburg (on 1/12/2012 @ 16:56:46, in Workshops, read 1291 times)
The NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) at Stennis Space Center announces professional development workshops for educators for Spring 2012. K-12 teachers can receive CEUs for these free workshops. Home school educators are welcome, too! Topics include physical science, life science, biology, mathematics, technology and much more. Workshops are available for all grade levels and are held on-site at Stennis Space Center. Additional information is available on the Stennis Education Website at or contact the NASA ERC by phone at (800) 237-1821 (option 2) or (228) 688-3338 or by email at
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By Dr. Whittenburg (on 1/10/2012 @ 08:18:34, in Fellowships, read 1964 times)
The website is open for applications for summer 2012 internships through the Research Alliance in Math and Science program (
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By Dr. Whittenburg (on 1/6/2012 @ 11:45:46, in Funding Opportunities, read 1422 times)
Please disseminate the following News Release regarding the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs fiscal year 2012 funding opportunities to researchers at University of New Orleans in medical, biological, and life sciences. Information regarding dates for Program Announcement Releases and deadlines will be forthcoming over the next few months. This news release is also available on the CDMRP website: NEWS RELEASE: January 3, 2012 Department of Defense United States Army Medical Research Materiel Command Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs CDMRP Research Funding for 2012 The Fiscal Year 2012 Department of Defense Appropriations Act provides research funding for the following peer reviewed programs managed by the Department of Defense (DoD) office of Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP): Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research Program - $6.4 million Autism Research Program - $5.1 million Bone Marrow Failure Research Program - $3.2 million Breast Cancer Research Program - $120 million Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research Program - $3.2 million Gulf War Illness Research Program - $10 million Lung Cancer Research Program - $10.2 million Multiple Sclerosis Research Program - $3.8 million Neurofibromatosis Research Program - $12.8 million Ovarian Cancer Research Program - $16 million Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program - $12.8 million Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program - $50 million Peer Reviewed Orthopaedic Research Program - $30 million Prostate Cancer Research Program - $80 million Spinal Cord Injury Research Program - $9.6 million Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Research Program - $5.1 million Comprehensive Program Announcements are expected to be released during winter/spring of 2012.
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By Dr. Whittenburg (on 1/5/2012 @ 11:17:15, in Fellowships, read 2260 times)
Summer Application Deadline: January 30, 2012 Summer 2012 Internship Term Dates: June 4 – August 10, 2012 Are you a looking for a real-world, paid scientific/technical internship? Would you enjoy the opportunity to work with NASA to investigate environmental issues relevant to local communities? Are you interested in using science to inform public policy? If the answer to those questions is “yes,” then you may be a competitive candidate for an internship with NASA’s DEVELOP National Program! DEVELOP is a NASA Applied Sciences training and development program where students utilize NASA and partner agency satellite data to conduct hands-on Earth Science research to enhance decision support for local, regional, and national agencies. Please visit or contact Ms. Brandie Mitchell at or 228-688-2917 for more information.
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By Admin (on 1/5/2012 @ 11:11:49, in Vice President Ramblings, read 1193 times)
The local ABC affiliate,WGNO-TV, aired a news story focused on the exciting research being conducted on a robotic eel project in the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. It’s rare when a local news outlet devotes nearly 3 minutes to a research-oriented story. It’ s a great showcase of the kind of cutting edge research that we are doing here at UNO.,0,3396190.story
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By Dr. Whittenburg (on 12/21/2011 @ 09:15:33, in Funding Opportunities, read 1235 times)
The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is pleased to announce two new internal awards. ORSP SUPPLEMENT TO: BOR TRAVEL GRANTS FOR EMERGING FACULTY (TGEF) TO VISIT PROGRAM MANAGERS Faculty members, who have been awarded a BoR TGEF grant for an upcoming visit with program managers at the agency office, are eligible for this supplemental funding. Because the amount of the Board of Regents (BOR) award may not cover all travel costs, ORSP will supplement BOR TGEF awards. The maximum amount of the supplement available to an awardee traveling to visit a funding agency is $800 per person approved in the BoR award to visit program managers. ORSP TRAVEL GRANTS FOR TENURED FACULTY TO VISIT PROGRAM MANAGERS (Based on BoR Travel Grants for Emerging Faculty) The BOR TGEF program is limited to non-tenured faculty members. Visits by the PI with the cognizant program officer often increase the chances for obtaining funding. Therefore, ORSP is initiating a new internal award program to help tenured faculty members visit federal funding agencies. Faculty members, who hold a regular tenured position at UNO, are eligible for an award. Meetings with federal funding agency program officers are required to take place at the agency office, as this allows for longer, more productive meetings and additional opportunities for interaction with agency representatives. Travel to conferences or workshops at which federal agency program officers are present will not be considered. The maximum amount available to an awardee traveling to visit a funding agency is $2,000. ADDITIONALLY, if you would like ORSP to invite a particular federal agency program manager to campus or to have the Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs visit the program manager or officer, please send an email to with your request. Notice – As this Request for Applications may undergo revisions please check our web site at to verify that this version is the most up-to-date. This email was sent to all faculty.
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By Dr. Whittenburg (on 12/15/2011 @ 11:48:05, in Workshops, read 1243 times)
The 1st Annual Kentucky Nanotechnology Symposium will be hosted by Western Kentucky University, Kentucky EPSCoR, and NanoNet. The symposium will be held March 30-31, 2012 at the Carroll Knicely Conference Center in Bowling Green, KY. The symposium is open to all scientists, engineers and students from a wide range of disciplines involved in microtechnology, nanotechnology and advanced materials. The symposium also promises to expand the awareness of core facilities that exist within the region and to cultivate new research collaborations. Presentations focused on advanced material synthesis, metrology and characterization, devices, education, and core facilities will highlight the symposium. The agenda and information on registration can be found on the symposium web site:
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By Dr. Whittenburg (on 12/13/2011 @ 08:59:47, in Board of Regents, read 3748 times)
I attended the BoR Sponsored Programs last week. Because of projections from the revenue estimating committee they are anticipating cuts of approximately 10% in their programs. As such, most of their funding programs will be cut by 10%. An exception is the Enhancement program which will not be cut. Also, they will encourage multidisciplinary enhancement proposals by allocating as much as 20% of the enhancement funds to multidisciplinary proposals.
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By Dr. Whittenburg (on 12/8/2011 @ 08:45:14, in Fellowships, read 2025 times)
I am pleased to announce the release of the 2012 Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program Research Solicitation # ICPDP-2012-0001. All information regarding this Program has been posted on the unclassified IC Acquisition Research Center (ARC) located at If you are interested in this solicitation, please visit the website and follow the online instructions to either create a free account if you are a new user, or log in if you already have an existing account. We wish you good luck and look forward to reading your proposals. Sincerely, Julia L. Grants Officer Below is additional information on how to access the Research Solicitation: 1. Go to 2. From here you can either create a new account or click the “Current IC Efforts” tab on the left side of the page. 3. Once you click the “Current IC Efforts” tab you will be prompted to log in. 4. After you log in, you will see the current efforts that are posted. This particular program is listed under the “GSSA/BAA” tab and is entitled “ICPRFP12.”
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By Dr. Whittenburg (on 11/23/2011 @ 11:46:22, in Fellowships, read 2117 times)
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Summer 2012 Research Experiences Undergraduates, Graduate Students, and Faculty DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program: Undergraduate students, 10 week research experience, $5,000 stipend plus travel expenses Areas of research: Engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biological/life sciences, environmental science, emergency and incident management, social sciences Projects offered at: o National research laboratories: Argonne, Idaho, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Pacific Northwest, Sandia, Savannah River o DHS laboratories: Transportation Security Laboratory o Other research facilities, including Air Force Research Laboratory, Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology Locations include CA, CO, ID, IL, MD, NM, NJ, OH, SC, TN, WA, VA U.S. citizenship required Application deadline: January 5, 2012 Questions regarding DHS Education Programs can be sent via e-mail to
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