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By Admin (on 7/6/2010 @ 10:57:47, in Oil Spill, read 1780 times)

The research and external affairs administrators from UNO, Tulane, ULL and LSU along with a technical point of contact at each university have been working over the past several weeks to ensure that the $500M over 5 year research funding that BP has committed to efforts related to the oil spill and the future health of the Gulf Coast region will be distributed to researchers in Louisiana using a process that builds a collaborative, multi-institutional approach to the problems and their solution.  While the details of that process have not been finalized we believe that the nature of the problem and the unique expertise that the state’s researchers bring to those problems can be identified by a series of projects within three broad themes:  Energy & Environment, Health & Society, and Safety & Policy.  Within each theme there are specific questions that will be addressed by the BP proposal followed by suggested projects related to the questions (see attached ThemesProjects).

To help in developing the statewide proposal we will select leaders from researchers with expertise in these project areas from each of the four universities plus any other state university.  While I believe we will ultimately end up with a process where proposals will be solicited from researchers in response to an RFP (assuming we are successful in obtaining the BP funding), it is beneficial to include as many UNO researchers as possible in those teams developing the research component of the statewide BP proposal.

If you are doing research in any of the projects under any of the questions within the themes identified in the attached ThemesProjects please send me the following:

(1)   A vitae in two-page NSF format (see attached)

(2)   The theme-question-project (or projects) that you have expertise in.  You MUST use the attached spreadsheet.

(3)   Your contact info including Name, Department, Email, Phone


Note that the spreadsheet only lists themes and questions.  Your project should be aligned with one of the projects listed in the attached (ThemesProjects).  I have filled in an example 1.5 on the spreadsheet.  If you do not already have a collaborative team you can list only your own information and we will try to develop the team.  Also, it is beneficial to demonstrate multi-institutional collaboration particularly among other state universities (including those not among the four listed above).  If you have a strong established collaboration with a research in a university outside of Louisiana, you may include them.

We are meeting again at the end of this week or beginning of the next, so it would be best if you can get this information back to me via email at by Friday, July 9th.  I will continue to accept your responses after that, but cannot guarantee your information will be included when we begin forming the BP proposal team if I receive it after that date.  Thanks for your help in developing this proposal.

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By Admin (on 7/13/2010 @ 11:00:11, in Oil Spill, read 1797 times)

See the attached memo. The matrix template included in the memo is also attached separately as a Word document.   As far as I know, the Steering Committee has not been selected and it will be appointed by the BoR/EPSCoR heads.  I do NOT believe they are requesting nominees for the Steering Committee.  If you wish to suggest topics as a Key Research Topic and provide the additional information requested on that topic please indicate so on the attached Oil Spill Conference matrix and return to

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By Admin (on 7/23/2010 @ 11:01:29, in Important, read 1782 times)

You may already have received the request below to take a survey for the Office of Research.  ORSP needs to gather information on the number of faculty and staff who are veterans.  For those staff that are veterans we require a little more information.  If you indicate that you are not a veteran, the survey will end at that point.  If you have already taken the survey you do not have to take it again.  We have noticed that the email may go to the Junk mail folder for some users, we are resending the link from a UNO email account.  Because of the importance of the VETS100a form we need to get a high response on the survey.  My apologies for sending this to you a second time.   Again, if you have already completed the survey, you do not need to take it a second time.

The Office of Research at the University of New Orleans needs statistical data from UNO faculty and staff to qualify for an $8M Navy contract.  The required information regarding veterans is not currently collected in PeopleSoft.   By accurately providing the information below in a timely manner you will help the University compete for this contract. 

We ask that you complete the survey by August 1.  The survey is very brief, only 5 questions.

Thank you for your assistance.

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By Admin (on 7/27/2010 @ 11:02:27, in Funding Opportunities, read 1669 times)

The ORAU University Partnerships Office is pleased to provide the information below regarding a program available to all institutions. This notice is a service to ORAU Sponsoring and Associate Institutions.  Please forward within your institution and broadly to colleagues as you feel appropriate.

Internship Program for Postsecondary Students


The Department of Commerce (DOC) will have internships available during the Fall 2010 Session in its Internship for Postsecondary Students Program *.  Internships will be in the Washington, D.C metro area.  Selected applicants will intern for 15 weeks beginning as early as 30 August 2010 or as late as 13 September 2010.   Internships require either part time (20 hours per week) or full time (40 hours per week). These internships offer opportunities to participants for hands-on education and training related to their fields of interest and those of the DOC.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) manages the Internships for Postsecondary Students. Applications will be accepted through 20 August  2010.

Disciplines of Interest

Examples include the following: business; economics; statistics; international relations; communications and graphic design; computer science; physical sciences; mathematics; and life, health, and medical sciences.


Undergraduate interns receive a weekly stipend of $500; graduate interns receive $600. In addition, both undergraduate and graduate interns receive a $150 weekly housing allowance, plus limited travel reimbursement and accidental medical expense coverage.

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • ·         US Citizens
  • ·         Enrolled Undergraduates or Graduates
  • ·         Submit a complete application**by no later than 20 August 2010
  • ·         Interested in and  available for a 15-week Internship during Fall 2010

Application form and more information can be found on this web site:

You may submit your application form, unofficial transcript from each college or university attended, resume, and two letters of reference, as pdf attachments to Alicia Wells at   or (865) 241-5220 (FAX).   

*This program is managed by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) for the Department of Commerce through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). ORISE is managed by Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) under DOE contract number DE-AC05-06OR23100.

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By Admin (on 8/4/2010 @ 11:04:35, in Workshops, read 1718 times)
I would like to bring to your attention the proposed LI/LaSIGMA Seminar Series. The series is intended to allow faculty and staff to present their research which involves high performance computing to other researchers around the state. The series would host speakers from different institutions and each lecture is to be broadcast via the Access Grid to all LI /LaSIGMA sites. Each LI site is required to host at least one speaker per semester. UNO is currently scheduled for October 21 but November 18, December 2 and December 16 are still open and we could schedule our turn on that date. If you are conducting research involving high performance computing and would like to present your research in an approximately 50 minute talk as part of the LI/LaSIGMA Seminar Series please let me know.
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By Admin (on 8/10/2010 @ 11:05:47, in Oil Spill, read 1709 times)

The Office of Research and the Office of External Affairs along with several key faculty members have been working with the other research universities in Louisiana to prepare a proposal to BP to request a share of the $500M that BP has targeted for research related to the oil spill and a resilient Gulf Coast.  That proposal is attached.  Also attached is a letter drafted by the group to explain some of the key points of the proposal.  The proposal: 

(1)    Establishes the Gulf Research Institute for a Resilient Louisiana (GRI-RL) to be housed within the Coastal Sustainability Consortium (CSC).  The CSC is a consortium of the four research universities in Louisiana active in coastal sustainability issues (UNO, LSU, Tulane, ULL)

(2)    Eighty-percent (80%) of the BP funds will be distributed to researchers throughout the state through a peer-reviewed proposal process

(3)    All universities in Louisiana may participate either by becoming affiliate members of the CSC or as principal investigators (or co-PIs) on proposals to the GRI-RL

 The Office of External Affairs is currently working with state officials and our national legislative delegation to help encourage BP to fund the proposal.  We will keep you updated on any news.

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By Admin (on 8/26/2010 @ 11:06:48, in Workshops, read 1736 times)
Please be aware of this opportunity being made available at Louisiana Tech. It is open to UNO researchers. See attached image. NSF Day November 30, 2010

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By Admin (on 8/26/2010 @ 11:10:42, in SPAWAR, read 3011 times)

The University of New Orleans was one of 7 universities who successfully competed for a cost-plus-fixed-fee, indefinite-delivery /indefinite-quantity, multiple award contract recently issued by US Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic in Charleston, SC. Up to $30 million may be requested over the base year and 5 option years, in exchange for ”...technical and maintenance services to obtain analytical and technical support services, and research and development efforts from undergraduate and graduate students and faculty… in support of advanced research and development projects on behalf of multiple customers in the South East region to include, but not limited to, SPAWAR Atlantic.”  The seven universities are: Clemson University, Old Dominion University, Pennsylvania State University, the University of South Alabama, the University of South Carolina, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Institution and the University of New Orleans. These educational institutions will compete for the task orders under the terms and conditions of the awarded contract. Work will be performed in Charleston, SC (40%), Norfolk, VA (30%), and New Orleans, LA (30%). Work is expected to be complete in September 2011, and could continue until September 2015 if all options are exercised. The multiple award contracts were competitively procured by full and open competition via the SPAWAR e-Commerce Central website.

For those UNO researchers interested in participating, here is a little more information on how you may be able to fund your research under this contract.  SSC LANT is a competency aligned organization.  Within their eight defined competencies there are two related to the University, Engineering (5.0) and Science and Technology (7.0).  Across those eight competencies they have identified seven portfolios or areas of work: Decision Superiority; Information Dominance; Business and Force Support; Transport & Computing Infrastructure; Integrated Cyber Operations; Production, Installation & ISEA; and Discovery and Innovation.  Any projects SSC LANT would fund would have to lie at the intersection of one of the eight competencies with one of the seven portfolios.   Effectively, this means that most of the projects of interest to SSC LANT will be in areas of cybersecurity, information assurance, wireless and computer networks, sensors and command and control.    SSC LANT has a new program called Innovation which will fund projects at the intersection of the Science and Technology competency and the Discovery and Innovation portfolio.   More information on the Innovation program will be announced soon.  Periodically over the next five years SSC LANT will issue a Statement of Work (SOW) on projects of interest to SPAWAR.  ORSP will receive the SOW and distribute it to the campus (and potentially other local universities) to find researchers who wish to contribute to a response to the SOW.  We will submit our response to the SOW and compete with the other six universities mentioned above.  Because this is a multiple award contract (MAC) SSC LANT may choose to fund any number of the responses to their SOW and issue a task order (TO) to the University.

In other words, we now have a contract in place that will allow us to compete on any SOW issued by SSC LANT.  As those SOWs are issued ORSP will distribute them to the campus. If you wish to hear more about this process or seek clarification of the SSC LANT competencies and portfolios and how you can prepare for future projects please contact ORSP by emailing or by replying to this email.

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Please note the announcement of the meeting at Tulane regarding the Unified Command plan related to sub-surface oil and dispersant monitoring.  Parking and shuttle information is provided at the bottom the email.  This message has been distributed to all faculty/staff.

From: Burton, Loula M []
Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2010 11:35 AM
Subject: Invitation from Dr. Laura Levy, Tulane VP for Research - Unified Command Meeting for BP Oil Spill

Dear Colleagues:
On behalf of Vijay John, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Tulane University, I write to let you know about an important upcoming meeting.  The Unified Command for the BP Oil Spill will be holding a meeting in the Rogers Memorial Chapel at Tulane University on Thursday, September 2nd from 1-3 pm.  Professor John will host the meeting, whose purpose is to seek input and inform the academic research community about the goals, strategies and implementation of the sub-surface oil and dispersant monitoring plan being developed by the Unified Command. This draft plan responds to a tasking by the National Incident Commander, Admiral Thad Allen, for a comprehensive plan to determine the distribution and concentration of oil and dispersants in nearshore and offshore waters and sediments of the Gulf of Mexico.  This meeting will seek input relative to the scope (variables to be monitored), scale (spatial distribution), intensity, and frequency of sampling to assure careful monitoring of the fate and distribution of DWH oil and related dispersants released into the environment.  This plan specifically targets the fate of oil and dispersants, levels of dissolved oxygen and other key physical and chemical parameters. This plan is focused on the near term and does not consider the wider ecological effects per se, although input on these subjects may be discussed in the meetings.  Participants should be prepared to offer suggestions on the proposed program, understanding the existing constraints (e.g., what is covered by Response and Restoration, and duration), as well as the potential roles academic partners can play in the design, collection and interpretation of data.  Participants should also be prepared to hear from the Unified command as to the boundaries set on this specific effort. The draft plan is attached.
Please share this invitation with investigators at your institution who may be interested in attending.  Logistical information about the meeting may be found below.
Laura S. Levy, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Vice President for Research
Tulane University


The meeting will be held in the Rogers Memorial Chapel on Tulane’s uptown campus. Parking will be extremely tight but may be found near the campus on the Broadway Street side.  A good alternative is to take the shuttle from University Square at 200 Broadway Street.
Please find a campus map here:
(the Chapel is Building 73 at the top of the map, 1100 block of Broadway Street)
Parking is readily available at University Square ( There is a free shuttle to campus that leaves at 12:20pm and will arrive in front of Howard Tilton Library at 12:35pm. The chapel is a short walk away. Return shuttles will leave Howard Tilton Library at regular intervals, including at 3:15, 3:35 and 3:55 to return to the University Square parking lot. (Complete shuttle schedule:
General visitor information, including maps and driving directions, can be found at

Attached File:  SubSurfaceDirStrategy8.18.pdf

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By Admin (on 9/2/2010 @ 11:13:23, in Workshops, read 1710 times)

Statistics Orientation for Graduate Students

(Masterís and Doctoral)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2:00 pm Ė 4:00 pm

SC 2062

Instructor: Dr Linxiong Li, Professor of Mathematics

The Graduate School and Department of Mathematics would like to invite Masterís and Doctoral students to attend the Statistics Orientation for Graduate Students

Not sure how to get started with your data?† Since writing a thesis/dissertation often requires collection of data and its statistical analysis to draw conclusions and make projections let us introduce you to what statistical assistance UNO has to offer and how to access it.

Topics To be Covered:

†††††††† Introduction to statistical software packages available for student use at UNO

†††††††† How/where to access the statistical programs on campus

†††††††† Suggestions on types of statistical analyses that are best for your data set

Please RSVP to by September 15

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