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By Admin (on 2/28/2014 @ 15:44:53, in ORSP Announcements, read 828 times)

The University of New Orleans and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced a partnership with the goal of encouraging and enhancing study in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines for UNO students and faculty.

UNO and the Corps of Engineers will collaborate on research projects of mutual interest which may include soil testing, water quality testing, coastal dredging, land loss prevention and surge modeling.

"This partnership is an important step forward for the UNO College of Engineering in its commitment to being a resource and collaborator with local, state and federal entities," said Norm Whitley, dean of the College of Engineering. "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is a critical player in the future of the city of New Orleans and all of south Louisiana. We are excited about working with the Corps on the important environmental and infrastructure issues that challenge our community's existence and prosperity."

"We are proud to establish a partnership agreement with the University of New Orleans," said Col. Rick Hansen, commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District. "This mutually supportive relationship underscores the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs in the future of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the nation."

Some examples of how the agreement will be enacted include:

  • The Corps of Engineers will hire UNO students to work on projects through internships and other cooperative agreements at the Corps of Engineers New Orleans District.
  • The Corps of Engineers and UNO faculty will identify specific areas of research where UNO students can obtain academic credit for work on Corps projects.
  • The Corps of Engineers will involve UNO faculty on specific research projects through cooperative agreements.
  • The Corps of Engineers will loan or donate equipment to UNO.
  • The Corps of Engineers will establish a list of volunteer professionals—including Corps employees, contractors, vendors and other associates—to support mentoring and specialized teaching activities for UNO students.
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By Admin (on 2/21/2014 @ 16:18:13, in ORSP Announcements, read 849 times)

NPR has an interesting piece on their website concerning recent allegations that a Chinese spy was trying to steal technology and that these allegations are in fact nothing new. Audie Cornish talks to James Lewis, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, about protecting U.S. technology from spying abroad.

You can listen to the story or read the transcript here:

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By Admin (on 2/18/2014 @ 11:17:02, in Workshops, read 1056 times)
Just a reminder that this afternoon the Office of Research is conducting an ORSP Open Discussion on Budgets; the session will be held in AD 102 and will start at 2 pm. In this session, a brief discussion of the ORSP budget template will be provided by Carol Mitton, Research Administrator for the Colleges of Business and Education, and then the attendees can ask questions related to grant/award budgeting issues. David Muscarello, Director of Sponsored Programs Accounting will be present as well as Carol Lunn, Executive Director of ORSP. Questions can be on topics such as fringe benefits, GAs, indirect cost, cost share, budget adjustments, etc. If you have any questions, please contact Carol Mitton at or extension 5546.
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By Admin (on 2/14/2014 @ 10:18:06, in ORSP Announcements, read 819 times)

The Merritt C. Becker University of New Orleans Transportation Institute and the Port of New Orleans announced a partnership that will focus on transportation research, community outreach and workforce development. In support of these projects, the Port will provide an in-kind match of organizational resources worth approximately $215,000 to the UNO Transportation Institute.

"This new partnership connects UNO students, faculty and staff with the Port of New Orleans, enabling cutting-edge freight research, outreach activities and workforce development," said John Renne, associate professor and director of the UNO Transportation Institute. "This partnership is a good example of what Governor Jindal is asking of Louisiana universities—to become more engaged with industry to create research and educational opportunities in sectors with strong job growth."

"This partnership with the University of New Orleans will promote economic development throughout the entire maritime community on the Lower Mississippi River," said Gary LaGrange, Port President and CEO. "By collaborating with stakeholders and utilizing the academic expertise of university leaders, we will enhance our community outreach efforts, strengthen the region's competitiveness and address future workforce needs through research and education initiatives. We look forward to continuing and growing our long-standing relationship with UNO."

The UNO Transportation Institute is a partner in two maritime-related University Transportation Centers, established by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The purpose of these centers is to advance U.S. technology and expertise in transportation through research, education and outreach while addressing vital workforce needs for the next generation of transportation leaders.

In order to fulfill its obligation as a member of these University Transportation Centers, the UNO Transportation Institute, in partnership with the Port of New Orleans, will engage in a number of projects including:

  • Investigate the best practices of liquefied natural gas bunkering.
  • Analyze the maritime industry's progress on e-Navigation, a concept designed to bring about increased safety and security in commercial shipping through better organization and exchange of data.
  • Hold a maritime workforce summit to educate high school and college students about maritime careers and connect employers with those seeking jobs in the maritime industry.
  • Develop a web-based K-12 maritime curriculum that will educate students about the history of the Port of New Orleans, its current operations and its international economic impact.
  • Work to establish the state's first chapter of the Women in Transportation Seminar, an international organization dedicated to building the future of transportation through the global advancement of women.
  • The Port of New Orleans' in-kind match of organizational resources includes facility space, personnel time, equipment and software.

The Merritt C. Becker University of New Orleans Transportation Institute focuses on the role of transportation in creating a sustainable, livable and resilient future. Faculty and staff associated with the institute are recognized for their expertise in transportation policy, maritime and port planning, evacuation planning, transit and streetcars, bicycle and pedestrian planning, and transit-oriented development.

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By Admin (on 2/7/2014 @ 16:31:27, in Workshops, read 862 times)

Space Systems Engineering, a new massive open online course or MOOC from NASA and the Saylor Foundation, launches on Monday, March 3, 2014. The six-week general-audience course is available to the public at no cost and provides a unique opportunity to learn from and alongside NASA's engineers. Students who participate can earn a free certificate.


Students can enroll prior to March at the course registration page and may also join the course at any point thereafter. Each week, registered students will receive an email detailing their assignments, questions for discussion, and opportunities to interact with one another and course designers, including NASA staff, through discussion forums.


Related Links


NASA scientist interviews:

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By Admin (on 2/6/2014 @ 14:36:45, in Funding Opportunities, read 864 times)

The Louisiana Sea Grant College Program (LSG) is pleased to announce a request for proposals for the NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Research Program.  The deadline for preproposals is 4:00 p.m. Central (5:00 p.m. Eastern) February 21, 2014.

The attached Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) describes the priorities and funding level in detail. 

Preproposals are to be emailed by the deadline to  and CC-ed to and

 The following items must be included in the emailed preproposal submission (as described in FFO attached):

  1. Cover Page
  2. In 3 pages:
    1. Proposal Information (title of project and name and address for the investigators)
    2. Narrative (Background, Rationale, Objectives, Methodology, Performance Measures, Estimated Budget)
  3. One-page CV or biography for each investigator
  4. Identified local Sea Grant Program (MASGC if in Alabama or Mississippi) and a description of interaction with the program in regards to your proposal.

 Investigators will be notified on the status of their submitted preproposals by March 13, 2014.

 Full proposals must be submitted to by May 5, 2014, 4:00 p.m. Central.  LSG will submit your proposal to the National Sea Grant Office via on your behalf.


Attached File:  SG.Aquaculture.NSI2014.pdf

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By Admin (on 1/24/2014 @ 14:33:07, in Funding Opportunities, read 854 times)

It will be held at Argonne National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, June 14-28, 2014.  This school is designed to help introduce graduate students to the capabilities available at the neutron and x-ray user facilities in the United States.  Lectures, presented by researchers from academia, industry, and national laboratories, include basic tutorials on the principles of neutron and x-ray scattering theory, the characteristics of neutron and synchrotron X-ray sources, as well as seminars on the application of scattering methods to a variety of scientific subjects.  As part of the school, students also conduct a series of short experiments to provide some hands-on experience using instruments at neutron and synchrotron sources, at Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source, and Oak Ridge’s Spallation Neutron Source and High Flux Isotope Reactor facilities. Students interested in attending should complete an application at by February 24, 2013.  Please note that all the travel and lodging costs for students accepted to attend will be covered as part of the school.  Part of the application process includes submission of evaluation letters from among the student’s advisor, department chair and other professors.

Links: Application
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Request for Applications (RFA) for the EPSCoR Supervised Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) program for 2014.  This program provides opportunities for female and underrepresented minority undergraduate students to participate in research with faculty mentors.  Students accepted into the program will receive a stipend of $4,000, while the faculty mentor will receive $500 per student for costs associated with the research experience.  Applications are due Thursday, April 3, 2012. Last day to ask questions is Thursday, March 20. The application is to be prepared using the appropriate LOGAN module; the application form provided with this RFA is offered only as an example of the application elements that will be required in the module.  The SURE module will be available on LOGAN no later than February 7, 2014.

Links: RFA on BOR website

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By Carol Lunn (on 1/13/2014 @ 11:17:03, in ORSP Announcements, read 857 times)
The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Sponsored Programs Accounting, and Office of Technology Management & Commercialization are now located in the Administration Building, Suite 1005. We are in the space recently vacated by the Financial Aid office when they moved to the PEC. This new central location is meant to benefit faculty researchers across campus and provides one stop service for all sponsored projects services.

Our offices will host an Open House on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 from 2 pm 4 pm. Come check out our new digs!

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By Admin (on 1/10/2014 @ 12:16:42, in Funding Opportunities, read 903 times)

Dear Entergy Grantee:


Shareholders of Entergy Corporation renewed their commitment to improving the communities Entergy serves by investing $3.2 million to fund The Entergy Charitable Foundation grant programs for 2014. The company also announced the consolidation of foundation granting cycles from three cycles to two cycles. Entergy Charitable Foundation 2014 grant application deadlines are Feb. 1 and Aug. 1. To access guidelines and an application from the Entergy Charitable Foundation, go to "Our Community" at

The Entergy Charitable Foundation is dedicated to strengthening communities served by Entergy Corporation through investments in education, poverty solutions and environmental programs. Giving back to the community is an integral part of Entergy's corporate mission. Entergy shareholders annually reinvest more than $16 million in shareholder profits to almost 3,000 nonprofit organizations in communities where Entergy operates.

Entergy is committed to improving our communities through partnerships with our local nonprofit partners. We encourage organizations to submit projects for consideration in February and August. Together, our efforts will boost local economies and benefit all our stakeholders.

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