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By Admin (on 11/14/2014 @ 16:21:25, in ORSP Announcements, read 420 times)

Reminder: Louisiana Sea Grant is soliciting applications for out Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).  The application deadline is December 3, 2014.  Please see the message below for full details.

Dear colleagues:

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is soliciting applications from interested undergraduate students and faculty mentors at all Louisiana universities and colleges. UROP, established in 1992 by the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program, offers the Louisiana undergraduate community funding to support hands-on research experiences in marine and coastal resource issues. Previously funded projects have dealt with topics such as coastal ecology, fisheries, aquaculture, environmental engineering, and genetics. 

A maximum of ten projects will be funded for the March 2015 to December 2015 period; each faculty member will receive up to $2500 to cover student wages, supplies, and necessary travel.  Both student wages and academic credit may be earned concurrently if the policies of your institution allow this practice. Full-time undergraduate students at all Louisiana colleges and universities are eligible. 

A written final report of research accomplishments and findings is required.  Students are also encouraged both to present their findings at university forums, state, regional, national and international conferences and to publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Louisiana Sea Grant may provide limited travel funds to UROP students to attend these events should a student’s abstract be accepted for presentation.

Applications will be accepted until 3 December 2014. An Application Form and complete information can be found at the UROP website (click following link) Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

Please share this information with any of your colleagues/students who might be interested in UROP. Contact me if you require more information.

Best regards,

Matthew Bethel

Assistant Executive Director of Research

Louisiana Sea Grant College Program
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By Admin (on 11/14/2014 @ 16:19:31, in Fellowships, read 748 times)
ORAU is pleased to provide the information below regarding an opportunity available to all institutions. This notice is a service to ORAU Sponsoring and Associate Institutions.  Please forward within your institution and broadly to colleagues as you feel appropriate.

Summer ORISE Fellowship Opportunity at CDC


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), Division of Laboratory Sciences (DLS), is seeking Summer ORISE Fellows to focus on public health issues related to the environment.  Candidates will join projects associated with developing and applying new methods to characterize and quantitate biochemical markers that are relevant in environmental exposures and chronic diseases.  The fellowship carries a stipend of approximately $2,700 per month for full-time undergraduate student fellows and $3,400 for full-time graduate student fellows.


Current undergraduate and graduate students majoring in applied sciences that have completed three years of major coursework may apply. Chemistry and biology majors are preferred, although highly qualified candidates from other science majors may be considered. Must be able to comply with safety and security requirements before or upon reporting to CDC.

Application Process

The appointment is through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education.  The application is available at:

To be considered, please send all application materials, including the application, a current resume, official transcript, and two letters of recommendation, to by January 16, 2015. Please reference CDC-NCEH-2015-0002 in all communications.

For further information contact

Daniel Parker at (770) 488-7854 or


or DeAnna Copeland at (865) 574-7134


University Partnerships Office

ORAU provides innovative scientific and technical solutions to advance research and education, protect public health and the environment and strengthen national security. Through specialized teams of experts, unique laboratory capabilities and access to a consortium of more than 100 major Ph.D.-granting institutions, ORAU works with federal, state, local and commercial customers to advance national priorities and serve the public interest. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and federal contractor, ORAU manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

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By Admin (on 11/5/2014 @ 12:39:35, in Funding Opportunities, read 426 times)

FY2015 NASA EPSCoR Request for Proposals (RFP), which requests proposals from Louisiana researchers for possible submission to NASA by the Board of Regents. This RFP is being issued in anticipation of the release of the FY2015 NASA EPSCoR Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) to allow proposers sufficient time to prepare applications. Proposers must submit a notice of intent before a preproposal will be accepted. Notices of Intent (required) are due on November 24, 2014; pre-proposals are due on January 5, 2015.

Files associated with this RFP can be found on the Louisiana Board of Regents’ Office of Sponsored Programs website ( and on the Louisiana NASA EPSCoR website: This RFP, the notice of intent form, the pre-proposal template, and the budget form are all available to download. Additionally, a number of critical supporting documents have also been posted to the Louisiana NASA EPSCoR website page linked above. These include the official NASA EPSCoR CAN from last year, a full list of abstracts for winning proposals from the last two years, a comprehensive listing of research priorities across NASA Mission Directorates and Centers, the current space technology roadmap, and a structural breakdown of the space technology areas. Additional resources will be posted as/if they become available, including the NASA EPSCoR FY2015 solicitation.

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The Louisiana Board of Regents’ EPSCoR Program Office invites you to attend

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing:

A Statewide Industry-Academia Workshop


Hosted by the University of New Orleans

November 7, 2014

11:00 AM to 7:00PM

Loews Hotel, New Orleans

Attendees will include representatives from a variety of companies within the Louisiana manufacturing sector, and university researchers from all over the state who have expertise relevant to the sector. 


Attendance is free but registration is required; discounted parking at the Loews Hotel is $10.00.

Click here to register:

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My office, with the support and involvement of Crystal Ellerbe, Director of Federal Affairs, is planning to sponsor a coordinated trip to Washington D.C. with a group of researchers whose expertise is relevant to the Office of Naval Research (ONR).  The trip will, in part, entail attendance at ONR’s conference, Naval Future Force Science and Technology EXPO on February 4th and 5th of 2015.  Attending the ONR Future Force S&T EXPO with prepared ideas and project overviews will allow UNO researchers the opportunity to hone those ideas while developing vital connections with ONR program officers.  But participants on this trip will also be expected (and assisted) to plan and carry out visits to other funding agencies and program officers in the D.C. area, thus maximizing the overall utility of the trip.

As you can see by perusing the EXPO website, the priority ONR topics will be:

·         Assure Access to Maritime Battlespace

·         Autonomy & Unmanned Systems

·         Information Dominance - Cyber

·         Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare

·         Expeditionary & Irregular Warfare

·         Platform Design & Survivability

·         Power & Energy

·         Power Projection & Integrated Defense

·         Warfighter Performance

So if any of these topics are related to your research, and you see ONR (and other DoD) programs as potential funding sources for your work, you should consider applying to be a part of this trip.

UNO researchers interested in being considered for inclusion in this trip must submit the following to by October 23, 2014:

·         2 or 3 white papers (3 pages maximum for each) describing research project ideas relevant to Department of Defense funders (at least one should be specifically relevant to ONR)

·         Description of any current connections with ONR or other DoD program officers (please provides names and programs if possible)

·         A brief description of any close collaborators (industry and/or other universities) tied to your research relevant to this conference

·         Answers to the following questions:

o   Are you able and willing to commit to a trip to Washington D.C. for 4-5 days in early February of 2015 (inclusive of the conference dates of 2/4-2/5)?o   Will you commit to coordinating with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to prepare/hone white papers, visit plans, and communication strategies in advance of the trip?

o   Will you commit to participating in debriefing and problem-solving meetings with other trip participants during the trip?

o   Will you commit to leveraging the connections and information obtained on the trip to apply for external funding to support your research?

After receiving these pieces of information from interested faculty, we will determine who will be invited to make the trip.  At that point, invited researchers will be notified and we will begin coordination and preparation for a successful trip.  Slots will be limited, so please make sure that the materials you submit make a clear case for how your research can benefit from this investment.

I look forward to seeing your submissions by October 23.

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By Admin (on 10/6/2014 @ 14:35:37, in ORSP Announcements, read 350 times)
The Office of Research is pleased to invite you to the Inaugural Summer Research Program Presentation.For several years the Office of Research has operated competitive internal grant programs for researchers; now we are providing them the opportunity to share their research and scholarly activities with the campus. There are currently two summer research internal grant programs:

The Stimulating Competitive Research (SCoRe) program is to enhance researchers ability to successfully competed for extramural sponsored research funding.

The Creative Endeavor Opportunity (CEO) program is to provide support to launch programs of research, scholarship, exhibition or performance that will ultimately result in increased research and creative activity on campus. The proposals for both of the programs are modeled on Board of Regents grants.  That way, once researchers have completed the internal grant process, they have a foundation to use when applying for a Board of Regents grant.

Most of the researchers who received a summer research award this past year will present their findings to the campus at this event. Attached is the agenda, which lists when faculty will present and provides their home department. Also attached is a flyer listing some of the research titles.

I hope you can stop by, even if only briefly, to discover some of the research and creative activities taking place on our campus. Here is the time and location of the event:

Date:  Friday, October 10, 2014

Place:  UC, Room 211B, Innsbruck B

Time:  1:00 pm — 4:30 pm

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The Board of Regents (BoR) has issued the Request for Application/Proposal for the Supervised Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) and the Opportunities for Partnerships in Technology with Industry (OPT-IN) programs.  Documents explaining the programs and application information are attached.  Below is a short summary of the programs:


SURE:        This program provides research opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities who are undergraduate students in STEM fields.  Students receive $4,000 to work on research and $500 for supplies or travel.  The application is submitted through the BoR LOGAN system and is due 12/1/14 by 4:30 pm.  This is a good way to support research interests for an undergraduate student.


OPT-IN:    The goal of this program is to encourage collaboration with private sector industry/business entities.  The project can either have a research or commercialization focus.  If the project has a research focus, the industry partner must contribute funds towards the project.  The proposal is submitted through the BoR LOGAN system and is due 12/8/14 by 4:30 pm.

 In addition to these programs, BoR is accepting proposals for their Support Fund programs.  Below is list of the programs and the application deadlines.  Program

Due Date

Awards to Louisiana Artists & Scholars (ATLAS)

11/21/14 (NOI due 10/10/14)



Graduate Fellowships


Industrial Ties Research Subprogram (ITRS)

10/31/14 (NOI was due 9/11/14)

Research Competitiveness

11/7/14 (NOI was due 9/11/14)

 More information on these programs and the submission guidelines can be found on our BoR Support Fund site:

 If you have not created an account in LOGAN, instructions and a link are included in our BoR site (link:  This page also includes a spreadsheet that summarizes the Support Fund programs and provides the disciplines eligible to apply this year.

 If you have any questions about the programs, contact the ORSP Research Administrator assigned to your college:


Research Administrator

College of Business, College of Education, & Non-academic units

Carol Mitton,, 280-5546

College of Engineering

Analida Barrera,, 280-6835

College of Liberal Arts

Kendy Martinez,, 280-6837

College of Science

Rebecca Drake,, 280-7149

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By Admin (on 9/22/2014 @ 15:53:13, in Fellowships, read 575 times)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Headquarters has released a solicitation, titled NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships (NSTRF) - Fall 2015, on September 17, 2014. The solicitation is available by opening the NASA Research Opportunities homepage at, selecting "Solicitations," then selecting "Open Solicitations," and, finally, selecting the solicitation number "NSTRF15."

NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) seeks to sponsor U.S. citizen and permanent resident graduate student researchers who show significant potential to contribute to NASA’s goal of creating innovative new space technologies for our Nation’s science, exploration, and economic future.

This call for graduate student fellowship applications solicits applications from individuals pursuing or planning to pursue master’s (e.g., M.S.) or doctoral (e.g., Ph.D.) degrees in relevant space technology disciplines at accredited U.S. universities. NASA Space Technology Fellows will perform innovative space technology research and will improve America’s technological competitiveness by providing the Nation with a pipeline of innovative space technologies.

Selected candidates will perform research at their respective campuses and at NASA Centers and/or at nonprofit U.S. Research and Development (R&D) laboratories. In addition to his or her faculty advisor, each student will be matched with a technically relevant and community-engaged researcher who will serve as the student’s research collaborator. Through this collaboration, students will be able to take advantage of broader and/or deeper space technology research opportunities directly related to their educational and career objectives, acquire a more detailed understanding of the potential end applications of their space technology efforts, directly disseminate their research results within the NASA/nonprofit U.S. R&D lab community, and enhance their understanding of the research process.

Awards resulting from this competitive selection will be made in the form of training grants to accredited U.S. universities. This solicitation has two phases. Phase A is the application submission by the student. For the student applicant who is selected in Phase A, the accredited U.S. university, where the student will be enrolled for the fall 2015 term as a full-time graduate student, must submit a Phase B package (as specified in the NSTRF15 solicitation); complete Phase B package submissions will result in training grant awards.

 The financial and programmatic support for NSTRF comes from STMD. The fellowships are a component of the Space Technology Research Grants Program. Awards are planned to coincide with the start of the 2015 academic year and are subject to the availability of appropriated funds.

 This solicitation covers only new fellowship applications; renewal applications are handled separately.

 All Phase A applications must be submitted electronically through NSPIRES and are due by 6 PM ET on November 13, 2014. Detailed submission instructions for applicants are provided under "Other Documents" on the NSPIRES webpage associated with the NSTRF15 solicitation. Potential student applicants are urged to access the NSPIRES electronic proposal system well in advance of the proposal due date to register with NSPIRES, familiarize themselves with its structure, and to enter the requested information.

 Comments and questions may be addressed by e-mail to the Space Technology Research Grants Program Executive, Claudia Meyer, at Responses to inquiries will be answered by e-mail and may also be included in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document located on the NSPIRES page associated with the solicitation; anonymity of individuals/institutions who submit questions will be preserved.

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By Admin (on 9/19/2014 @ 12:35:02, in ORSP Announcements, read 478 times)

University of New Orleans students aiming to become filmmakers have a chance to visit behind the scenes at a leading film studio in Hollywood South. The University of New Orleans Nims Center Studios has been home to films ranging from Runaway Jury to Dallas Buyers Club -- and tomorrow UNO film students will see the set of NCIS – New Orleans.

"It's a state-of-the-art facility. That's why most big budget films are done there," said Kevin McLin, Vice President of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing at UNO.

Students from the UNO Film Department, the Filmmakers' Club and the Lakefront Players drama club are invited tomorrow for a tour of the Nims Center Studios, located on the Harahan campus. Students will learn more about the filmmaking industry in Hollywood South and spend time behind the scenes on the set of NCIS New Orleans. The event is the first of its kind and administrators are hoping to host similar events at the beginning of each semester.
The informal get-together is a chance for the studios and filmmakers on campus to connect, said Roger Benischek, director of the Nims Center.

"We'll be showing film club students and drama club students what we are doing and getting to know them a little bit," said Benischek. "It's just the first step in some of the activities we're trying to get going between the campus and the NIMS Center."

"The Nims Center Studios are an important asset of the University and a home for filmmakers in Hollywood South," said McLin. "Hollywood South gives our students real-life opportunities to work on actual television series and motion picture sets, gaining valuable career experience as they apply what they've learned in the classroom and hone their crafts."

The Nims Center, a Key Player in Hollywood South

Originally a Campo furniture warehouse and with no production amenities, the Nims Center Studios served 10 years ago as production home for Runaway Jury, a 2003 American drama adapted from a John Grisham novel by the same name. The film, which starred John Cusack, Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman and Rachel Weisz, instantly raised the profile of the UNO film program and the Louisiana film industry.

Known formally as the University of Orleans Robert E. Nims Center for Entertainment Arts and Multimedia Technology, the Nims Center Studios subsequently helped to launch the local film industry, drawing major motion picture productions to Louisiana with the emergence of state tax credits for the film industry, now estimated to bring the state more than $1 billion in annual revenues.

Operated under the direction of Roger Benischek, the nearly 100,000-square foot Nims Center Studios boast five stages totaling more than 50,000 square feet, four green screens, 45 production offices, editing suites, a mixing room, state-of-the-art sound and film equipment.

A state-of-the-art sound stage designed for shooting movies built at the Nims Center was completed this year. The Nims Center soundstage and Second Line Stage uptown are the only stages in New Orleans that have been designed as sound stages and built new from ground up. Others in the city are located in modified warehouses.

"This is basically the first six months that it's been in operation. It's more of a state-of-the-art facility than most any stage in the city," said Benischek. "It's not a huge stage but it's a stage that has got extra height and some features that aren't found in stages that are just retrofitted warehouses."

Located in the heart of the Orleans/Jefferson film district in Harahan, La., the studios were expanded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration to include a 5,000-square foot incubator facility where young and talented film industry entrepreneurs now work and UNO students, staff and alumni are able to take advantage of the studios' technology, industry internships and project development opportunities.

Recently, the Nims Center Studios has been the film production home to Oscar-Nominated 12 Years a Slave, which recently won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama and a BAFTA award for Best Picture. The Oscar-nominated Dallas Buyers' Club, which has brought home a raft of critics' awards, was also filmed and produced at the Nims.

Over the last 10 years, the Nims Center Studios has been film home to a variety of other films and popular television series including: the award-winning film Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Failure to Launch, Glory Road, the Gossip Girl CWTV Series and many more.

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By Admin (on 9/8/2014 @ 16:18:51, in Funding Opportunities, read 367 times)

Attached are the proposal guidelines for the new Small Equipment Grant (SEG) funding program established to complement the Research Awards Program (RAP), part of the NASA EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Development project in Louisiana. Proposals are officially being solicited as of today and will remain open as funding allows. Individuals holding an active RAP award are welcome to submit immediately; otherwise, researchers proposing to the RAP solicitation closing on 10/13/2014 may either submit a simultaneous proposal for an SEG OR they may wait to apply once award letters are issued.  Be sure to read the guidelines carefully and direct any additional questions to a member of the LaSPACE / La NASA EPSCoR management team. The attached guidelines can also be downloaded from the current solicitation page of our website (


Questions regarding this solicitation can be directed to Greg Guzik, Director-Elect, or Colleen H. Fava, Manager,

Please submit an electronic version of the proposal to (must include scanned signatures) before midnight on Monday, October 13, 2014.

For non-electronic submission send proposals to: Louisiana NASA EPSCoR – SEG, Department of Physics and Astronomy, 364 Nicholson Hall, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA  70803-4001

We are looking forward to a good competition and to making many new awards. Please share this request for proposals with your Louisiana research network.

Attached File:  SEG.Fall.2014.pdf

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