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By Admin (on 12/7/2009 @ 10:22:52, in Internal Grant Program, read 2486 times)
The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs announces the opening of competition for the 2010 Summer Research Programs.  Eligible UNO faculty members are encouraged to apply for one of these awards as a means of honing their grant-making skills, and for the purpose of developing new areas of research or scholarly endeavors. 

Deadline for submission of applications: 

        SCoRE and CEO:         February 15, 2010
        SUE:                         February 22, 2010

Budget Period:                   1 June – 13 August, 2010

1.     SCoRe (Stimulating Competitive Research)

The goal of the SCoRe award is to enhance the UNO faculty’s ability to successfully compete for extramural sponsored research funding.  The SCoRe award is intended as seed money for tenure-track faculty to develop a new area of research activity.  Funding priorities include collection of preliminary data, planning and writing of grant proposals for external funding, maintenance of laboratory activities while preparing for a new area of research, and the purchase of research equipment.  As a rule, the SCoRe award will not be used for on-going support of existing projects for which outside funding might reasonably be expected.  Funding can be requested for graduate student support, undergraduate assistance, up to one month of PI summer salary, research supplies, travel and scientific equipment.  Cap: $15,000.

2.     CEO (Creative Endeavor Opportunity)

The goal is to provide support for tenure-track faculty to launch programs of research, scholarship, exhibition or performance that will ultimately result in increased research and creative activity on campus.  Each proposal will be evaluated for its potential impact on the faculty member’s discipline, as well as its contribution to the faculty member’s development as a researcher, teacher and scholar in a specific field of knowledge.  This funding could be used for as much as one month summer salary, research support, or subventions (page charges, book subventions, theatre/music/art productions) or some combination thereof.  Cap: $6600.

3.     SUE (Summer Undergraduate Experience)

Individual faculty members can apply for a SUE award in the fall semester for the following summer.  This would propose a research or scholarly experience for four to six undergraduates, and the application will include a summary of activities with a detailed budget. This award is open to both tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty. In the spring, the chosen program will solicit applications from undergraduates to participate in the SUE.  Depending upon the nature of the SUE, the budget could include up to one month summer salary for the PI and a stipend for the undergraduate(s). Cap: $15,000, dependent upon number of undergraduate participants.

SRP Procedure 
1.     Open and save the SRP Proposal Form from the link on the right of the SRP sharepoint page,

[Please note that you may be required to log in to the site.  Your username is your UNO email address including the and your password is your usual LAN password]. 

2.     Complete your proposal (maximum of 15 pages single spaced).  Your proposal must follow the format given in the SCoRe or CEO Proposal Format Instructions provided under the Links section of the SRP sharepoint page.  The Proposal Evaluation Form to be used by the review committee will guide you to ensure that you have addressed all of the items which will be considered in the ranking of the proposals.

3.     Sign the SRP Proposal Form.  A typed signature is acceptable.

4.     Fill out the Electronic Internal Routing form (, click “New”), attach your proposal and budget as indicated, complete and sign the Conflict of Interest statement, electronically sign the routing form, and click “submit”.  This will automatically forward your proposal to your Chair.

Successful applicants should complete their projects by the end of the budget period.  Progress reports will be required by 1 October, 2010, from the successful applicants.

Those interested should contact Liz Gordon ( or 280-6669) with any questions.

Attached File:  SRP Announcement 2009.pdf

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By Admin (on 12/16/2009 @ 10:28:55, in Professional Development, read 1987 times)
Come test your knowledge of managing sponsored funding for a chance to win a USB drive. As you answer questions correctly, you will be given Hershey Kisses to track your points (they will not be taken away for incorrect answers). The person at the end of the game with the most Hershey Kisses will win a USB drive! The game will begin TODAY at 2 p.m. in SC 1001. Bring your colleagues to see who can win! The more players there are, the more fun the game will be! If you have any questions please contact Carol Mitton, extension 5546 or Hope to see you there!
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By Admin (on 1/7/2010 @ 10:29:46, in Important, read 1937 times)


This is a reminder that as of January 1, 2010 the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will only process SharePoint routing forms

If you have a department which would like to schedule a training session, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange one for you. If you have any questions please contact Carol Mitton, extension 5546 or


The National Science Foundation requires the University to have a training plan in place by January 4, 2010 for Responsible Conduct of Research. ALL future NSF proposals MUST have a section devoted to RCR.  Please contact the Office of Research if you have questions about this section of your proposal. UNO’s plan has been posted to the UNO website so that principal investigators will be able to reference the plan in their proposals. The RCR Plan is posted on the ORSP website:; The RCR plan is also posted on the ORSP SharePoint site:

Responsible conduct of research focuses on defining and implementing policies and procedures which strengthen the integrity of the research enterprise and protect the University from assuming unreasonable risks associated with research, which is a cornerstone of the university mission. These policies and procedures seek to eliminate or significantly reduce risk of injuries to persons or damage to property; risk associated with contracts; risk of conflict of interest; risk of breach of confidentiality; and risk associated with copyrights, patent infringement and technology transfer. Adhering to a responsible conduct of research policy also includes protection of the researcher.

A training schedule will be forthcoming soon.

This email was sent to all faculty and staff.

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By Admin (on 1/21/2010 @ 10:33:26, in Professional Development, read 1857 times)
Attached is the Spring 2010 Office of Research Professional Development Schedule.  Please take some time to look over the schedule.  There are two opportunities to see a demonstration of the new electronic routing form; the Office of Research no longer accepts paper routing forms.

If you are interested in attending any of the sessions, please register on SharePoint.  Registration instructions are on the attached document.   If you have any questions about the sessions, please contact Carol Mitton at 280-5546 or

This email has been distributed to all faculty/staff.


Attached File:  Spring 2010 schedule.pdf

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By Admin (on 2/3/2010 @ 10:34:55, in Workshops, read 1827 times)

The High Performance Computing group (HPC) from LSU will hold a two-day LONI High Performance Computing Workshop at UNO in spring, 2010. The LONI HPC workshop will be an introductory workshop covering: overview of LONI and TeraGrid, introduction to LONI HPC environment on Dell Linux machines, introduction to parallel computing, introduction to MPI, introduction to OpenMP, and other introductory high-performance computing topics.  Please see for a tentative agenda. The workshop is scheduled for Monday March 29th and Tuesday March 30th. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please contact Sylvia Zhiyu Zhao ( with your name and contact info (email address preferred).    The registration is free. See for the prerequisites. If you have any questions regarding LONI accounts/allocations and software tools used to log on a LONI cluster, feel free to contact Sylvia or .

If you are taking advantage of the LONI/TeraGrid resources to conduct your research, you are welcome to demonstrate your research projects during the workshop. Please contact Sylvia.

If you have responded to a previous announcement about this workshop, please do not reply to this message. This message has been distributed to all faculty/staff.

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By Admin (on 2/3/2010 @ 10:38:43, in Internal Grant Program, read 2162 times)

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs announces the opening of competition for the 2010 Summer Research Programs.  Eligible UNO faculty members are encouraged to apply for one of these awards as a means of honing their grant-making skills, and for the purpose of developing new areas of research or scholarly endeavors. 

Deadline for submission of applications: 

         SCoRE and CEO:         February 15, 2010

        SUE:                         February 22, 2010

Attached File:  SRP Announcement 2009.pdf

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By Admin (on 2/3/2010 @ 10:39:50, in Internal Grant Program, read 2481 times)

My apologies.  The correct link to access the ORSP electronic routing form is:

Please remember that as of January 4, 2010 ORSP is no longer accepting paper routing forms for research proposals.  All proposals must now use the electronic routing form.

Attached File:  SRP Announcement 2009.pdf

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By Admin (on 2/9/2010 @ 10:40:49, in SPAWAR, read 2678 times)

A year and a half ago UNO received a SPAWAR contract amounting to nearly $50M over 5 years.  That contracting vehicle provides a mechanism for state and federal agencies to direct funds to the University and to our local and national business partners.  To date we have used $10M of the contract.  That contract was recently renewed for another year and we will continue to work to find state and federal awards to put into the contract to benefit campus researchers and aid local economic development.

Recently SSC LANT CHARLESTON has issued a new RFP for another contract vehicle.  This one is for $28M over 5 years.  This contract vehicle targets university researchers and the fields/disciplines identified in the RFP is narrower than the existing contract.  We anticipate that different sources of funds will use each contract vehicle so that the University will be able to increase funding if we are successful in competing for this RFP.

Attached [and given below], please find the list of disciplines/research areas that are included in the new RFP.  The University must show competency in all areas to be awarded the contract.  Please identify all areas that you have research competency in.  For every area please indicate:

Dr. (or Professor) ______________ has demonstrated competency by publishing __ papers and __ conference presentations in the area of [list specific area of competency as listed in the attached].  Dr. _________ has received ___ research grants in this area totaling $___.   Specific research projects include:

Please feel free to provide the information in either this format or whatever format you wish.  A few of the competencies are not amenable to this kind of format, please use any format as long as it will be clear to an external reviewer that the competency has been met. We will rewrite it into the jargon common for such responses to RFPs.  Please return your response by Friday, February 19th .

Please email all responses back to this email address. This email has been distributed to all faculty staff.



The contractor shall provide research, investigation, analytical, and general technical support for emerging technologies. Science and Technology Research Areas and Engineering Support Areas include the following:

3.1.1 Mathematics which includes areas such as computer mathematics, modeling and simulation, statistics and probability, principal components, Bayesian methods and cost engineering

3.1.2 Physics such as advances and applications of nanotechnology and Nano devices

3.1.3 Computer Science & engineering such as knowledge transfer, human interfaces, artificial intelligence, intelligent agents, neural networks, genetic algorithm application, evolutionary computing (SWARM, ant colony), grid computing, and quantum computing.

3.1.4 Software engineering such as enterprise engineering, data modeling, modeling and simulation, executable architectures, process automation, wired and wireless computer networks, measurement and instrumentation

3.1.5 Computer hardware engineering in areas such as parallel processing (cell processor, video engines, multi-core GP processors, clusters, blades, multi-DSP/FPGA configuration), bricking, stackable systems (Lego type buildable systems) and electronic circuits

3.1.6 Communications in areas such as services over low bandwidth, multi radio adaptive antenna arrays, antennas and fields, radio switching algorithms for single devices with multiple radios, adaptive beam focusing antennas, and built in antennas

3.1.7 Software Radio support in areas such as FPGA programming, DSP programming, wideband power amplifiers, high speed D/A – A/D devices, digital communications, adaptive filtering, adaptable waveforms, direction finding methods, signal identification, computationally efficient transforms, adaptive beam forming, mobile ad hoc networks, routing

3.1.8 Human systems research such as cognitive modeling, behavioral modeling, psychophysical modeling, eye tracking, immersive systems, multi-sensory devices and systems, knowledge transfer, human interfaces and biometrics

3.1.9 Architecture approaches over highly volatile communications such as semantic data, orchestration/choreography, and SOA particularly focused on web services, data discovery, security, SW agents, component based architectures, large enterprise federation and security and policy in large enterprises

3.1.10 Embedded systems design particularly in areas of power efficiency and mission-designed system-on-chip (SoC) and executable architectures

3.1.11 Packaging Methods such as effects of shock and vibration and advanced concepts in cooling

3.1.12 Industrial Engineering in areas such as improving manufacturing (MRAP and other large integration projects), supply chain management and quality control

3.1.13 English and Literature such as language translation (audio to audio, audio to text, speech synthesis, text to text, text to audio) and technical proposal writing


3.1.14 Safety in areas such as lightning protection effects of radio frequency radiation


3.1.15 Designing, exercising and/or testing models utilizing stimulation, simulation, emulation, numerical and statistical analysis techniques.


3.1.16 Conducting software engineering experiments, studies, measurements, analysis, test and evaluation.


3.1.17 Collecting test data and criteria to analyze, score, and evaluate.


3.1.18 Designing, developing, testing or reviewing and analyzing large scale database structures, data correlation and conversion techniques. Designing and coding database tools.


3.1.19 Developing web applications and tools. Creating or upgrading websites and/or web pages and graphics.


3.1.20 Installing and integrating software applications and hardware components. Resolving workstation hardware and software challenges.


3.1.21 Designing, fabricating, testing, and documenting circuit cards/boards and/or other specifically delineated developmental hardware.


3.1.22 Collecting, developing, analyzing and scoring performance data; developing interview and questionnaire forms; developing instructional media material for pilot studies; and/or administering tests to military or civilian personnel.


Attached File:  SPAWARResearch And Development Support - Distributed.pdf

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By Admin (on 2/11/2010 @ 10:43:45, in ORSP Newsletter, read 2310 times)
Attached please find the UNO ORSP Spring 2010 Newsletter with the usual array of interesting articles and research facts.

Attached File:  SPRING 2010 Newsletter.pdf

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By Admin (on 2/11/2010 @ 10:44:45, in Internal Grant Program, read 2362 times)

As part of the application for the Office of Research Summer Research Program, you must complete and submit an electronic routing form.  On the routing form, please select UNO Research and Sponsored Programs as the sponsor and “Internal” for both the Source of Funds and Award Type.  The Preferred Submission Method should be left at the default value.  Finally,  you do not need to attach sponsor guidelines; please check the appropriate box in Section 7.  If you have any questions about completing the form, please contact Liz Gordon at or extension 6669.

Below are the deadlines for proposal submission:

                SCoRE and CEO                 Friday, February 19, 2010

                SUE                                        Monday, February 22, 2010

Please note that we have extended the deadline to apply to the SCoRE and CEO programs to Friday, February 19th.  Happy Mardi Gras!

This email has been distributed to all faculty.


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