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Interim Report and UNO Research
By Dr. Whittenburg (on 1/25/2011 @ 13:30:49, in Vice President Ramblings, read 1732 times)

In the interim report recently distributed to campus there were several points regarding the UNO research enterprise. It may be helpful for us to use this as an opportunity to discuss the "health" of research on campus. I will be doing that over the next several days by postings to this blog.

The data that is provided in the transition report comes from the NSF Expenditure Survey. The years chosen in the interim report give the appearance that the research funding at UNO is decreasing. The data for each of the years since 2006 are given below (dollars in thousands):

Year S&E Federal S&E Total Total Federal Total
2006 12,432 23,897 13,478 26,520
2007 15,075 25,625 15,628 28,972
2008 13,657 24,783 14,346 27,917
2009 13,815 25,382 15,078 30,801
4 yr average 13,745 24,922 14,632 28,552

There are several measures that are provided in the NSF Survey: Science and Engineering (S&E, as defined by NSF) from all Federal sources (S&E Federal), S&E from all funding sources, and similar totals including all disciplines in addition to S&E. As you can see, the funding last year for all of those measures was more than the previous year and higher than the four-year average. It is safe to say that the research funding level has been rather constant over the past several years. That in itself is a rather remarkable achievement considering that 5 of our top 6 funded faculty have left the University and the total number of faculty has decreased by 13% since 2006.