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Senior Design Program
By Admin (on 5/12/2017 @ 12:44:07, in Funding Opportunities, read 1010 times)
The Senior Design Project Support Program is meant to offer supplemental funding in support of high-level student-led research and design projects. Projects must show clear relevance to NASA’s mission and ongoing research at one or more of the NASA centers/under the umbrella of one or more of the four mission directorates. This funding source is meant to supplement the cost of materials and supplies and/or travel for competitions related to the student project. • Proposals must be signed off on by the Faculty PI and the Designated Institutional Representative for Sponsored Programs at your institution. • Award funds can be requested up to $4000; no strict cost-match is required, but some institutional investment will impact the evaluation. • Please include student demographic forms, if your student participants have already been identified. If the team members are not all selected at the time of proposing, please be sure to send the forms in as soon as the students have all been identified. • All invoices and a final technical report must be submitted to the LaSPACE office within 30 days of the project end date. Photographs and copies of all papers, presentations, and posters generated should be shared with LaSPACE as they occur and collected/referenced in the final report. Guidelines: http://laspace.lsu.edu/rfp/index.php Proposal Due Date: Friday, July 7, 2017