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Students must enroll for at least 3 credit hours if they are working in the summer
By Carol Lunn (on 5/9/2017 @ 15:21:04, in Board of Regents, read 1166 times)
All new proposal submissions should include summer tuition as a budget line item if Graduate Assistants are working in the summer.

All student employees Ė including all Graduate Assistant types (Teaching Assistant, Teaching Associate-IOR, Professional Assistant, Research Assistant) - should be enrolled in 3 hours if employed during the Summer term.

Requests for exception to this requirement should be submitted through the Dean of the studentís academic College for review by the Provostís office. For example, if there are no courses available for the student to count towards their degree. There are other reasons for exceptions, and your dean should be consulted. Approved exception requests should be attached to the Personnel Action Form (101) for the Graduate Assistant.

This was sent to campus in an email on May 4, 2017.