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Updated policy regarding return of indirect (IMD 85.002 Indirect Cost Return)
By Carol Lunn (on 10/5/2016 @ 15:36:16, in ORSP Announcements, read 1019 times)
In Fiscal Year 2016 Principal Investigators began receiving a 5% return of recovered indirect on sponsored projects. The policy is being amended in Fiscal Year 2017 so that Principal Investigators can receive 10% return of recovered indirect on sponsored projects. The effective date of the updated policy is July 1, 2016 which is the beginning of the new fiscal year.

This policy update was recommended by Research Council and approved by Provost Whitley and President Nicklow. The funds are in a dedicated PI return of indirect account in the college office, which each dean is managing. Beginning in Fiscal Year 2016 indirect cost returns were provided on a quarterly basis and that will be continued this year.

All internal management directives are posted on the policies and procedures page of our website: http://www.uno.edu/orsp/PoliciesProcedures/index.aspx

This was sent as an email to all faculty and staff on October 5, 2016.