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University of New Orleans Invests In Faculty Research
By Carol Lunn (on 5/13/2016 @ 12:35:39, in Internal Grant Program, read 1338 times)
The University of New Orleans Office of Research and Sponsored Programs announced that nearly $165,000 will be awarded to faculty researchers in the form of internal grants. The annual grant competition is modeled after the process used by the Louisiana Board of Regents and is intended to help researchers hone grant writing skills and eventually become more competitive in securing external grant funding.

The 2016 competition involved three types of awards. Grants aimed at stimulating competitive research, known as SCoRe awards, are intended as seed money for faculty to develop a new area of research activity. With a traditional SCoRe award, faculty can receive as much as $12,000. With the award, however, comes a commitment to eventually compete for additional external funding for the project. A second type of SCoRe grant specifically supports the National Center for Advanced Manufacturing (NCAM) in its work on space technology. These grants have a slightly larger cap at $15,000 and must involve either nanotechnology; modeling, simulation, information technology and processing computing; or materials, structures, mechanical systems and manufacturing.

A third type of award, the Creative Endeavor Opportunity (CEO) award, provides support for faculty to launch programs of research, scholarship, exhibition or performance that will ultimately result in increased research and creative activity on campus. Each proposal is evaluated for its potential impact on the faculty memberís discipline, as well as its contribution to the faculty memberís development as a researcher, teacher and scholar in a specific field of knowledge. The maximum amount of a CEO award is $5,000.

All proposals were peer-reviewed and evaluated by the Universityís Research Council, a committee of faculty representing each college and major research center on campus. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs used these peer rankings to determine award winners.

The internal grant program is funded by indirect cost recovery, a process through which external funding agencies reimburse universities for the overhead costs associated with conducting research. With the internal grant program, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs reinvests these dollars into faculty professional development.

The National Center for Advanced Manufacturing (NCAM) is a partnership formed in 1999 among the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the State of Louisiana, Louisiana State University, UNO and the UNO Research and Technology Foundation. The center provides advanced manufacturing technology for use in aerospace commercial markets. NCAM also has a strong educational role, sponsoring a coalition of Louisiana research universities, workforce development programs and STEM outreach initiatives.

Below is a list of faculty who will receive awards from the 2016 internal grant program and the topics of their winning proposals.

Creative Endeavor Opportunity (CEO) Awards

John Gery: Early Voices in the Poetry of Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot ($5,000)

Dong-Jun Min: Learning and Recall of Adverstisement Information in Spaced and Massed Presentations ($5,000)

Doreen Piano: What I see when Walking: Visualizing Place-Based Scholarship and Composition Pedagogies ($5,000)

Tara Tolford: Active Transportation Planning & Design Curriculum Development ($4,984)

Stimulating Competitive Research (SCoRe) Awards (Traditional)

Irfan Ahmed: Gap Analysis of Digital Forensics on SCADA Testbed ($12,000)

Nicola Anthony: Mechanisms of inbreeding avoidance in wild mandriss (Mandrillus sphinx) ($11,995)

Anna Brand: This is Your Neighborhood: Seeing New Orleans in the Three Redevelopment Moments ($11,961)

Dhruva Chakravorty: Investigating the mechanism of allosteric regulation in metallosensor proteins ($12,000)

Amiri Ebrahim: Intelligent Self-Learning Controllers for Industrial Motor Drives ($12,000)

Ioannis Georgiou: Transgressive Coastal Systems: Modeling Allogenic and Autogenic response to Sea Level Rise ($10,250)

Zhengchang Liu: Characterization of Casein Kinase I Protein Hrr25 as a Positive Regulator of Mitochondrial Respiration ($12,000)

Martin OíConnell: Response of fishes to flood gate openings in Bayou St. John: Is the new adaptive water management plan working? ($11,822)

Sonia Rubens: Teacher-Reported Psychosocial Concerns in Students Attending an Alternative High School ($12,000)

Matthew Tarr: Nanomaterials for Targeted Cancer Therapy ($12,000)

Xiaochuan Yu: Motion Simulation and Hazard Assessment of Dropped Objects ($12,000)

Stimulating Competitive Research (SCoRe) Awards (NCAM)

Stephen Ware: Bringing Use-of-Force Training Simulations into Virtual Reality ($14,982)