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Office of Technology Management and Commercialization (OTMC)
By Carol Lunn (on 8/28/2015 @ 15:48:24, in Important, read 1038 times)
This office serves as the educational and management resource for UNO's Intellectual Property (IP). This includes the evaluation, protection, and licensing of UNO’s Intellectual Property.

OTMC would like to remind Faculty, Staff and Students that ownership to inventions, software, books, articles, lectures, as well as other literary/scholarly works is controlled by the University’s Administrative Policy (AP-RE-03.2 - Intellectual Property). You should never agree to Assign or License the IP rights to a third party without first contacting OTMC to verify the ownership of the IP rights.

OTMC also has Standard Agreements for the contracting of research or services, and will negotiate the following agreements and forward them to the University Administration for signature:

1. Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA)

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

3. Patent and Know - How Licensing Agreement

4. Subcontract Agreement – State, Private and Federal Funds

5. Teaming Agreement

6. Technology Option Agreement

7. Material Transfer Agreement

You can find more information on the services offered by the Office of Technology Management and Commercialization at http://www.uno.edu/otmc/. There you can find the following topics: Guidelines for Employees, Ownership of Intellectual Property, Protection of Intellectual Property, FAQs, and more useful information related to IP issues.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions (504-280-3943 or OTMC@uno.edu) or drop by the office (Admin Annex 1005).