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UNO Computer Science Professor Gets NSF Grant to Study Artificial Intelligence
By Carol Lunn (on 2/13/2015 @ 10:22:11, in ORSP Announcements, read 878 times)
University of New Orleans computer science professor Stephen Ware has been awarded a two-year $138,000 grant by the National Science Foundation to develop artificial intelligence systems that interact more naturally with people.

Ware, an assistant professor of computer science, does research on computational models of narrative, meaning he studies how insights about human storytelling and story understanding can be better integrated into artificial intelligence systems. This grant will enable researchers in Ware’s Narrative Intelligence Lab to study how people reason hypothetically when reading and writing stories.

“Imagine a video game that tells a story, or an intelligent tutoring system that adapts to the individual needs of the student, or a military training simulation that responds to the choices of the trainee,” Ware said. “All of these systems need to change the narrative as they are used, and to make those changes they need some way to reason about narrative.”

Ware teaches classes at UNO on artificial intelligence and game development.