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Summer Research Program Presentations
By Admin (on 10/6/2014 @ 14:35:37, in ORSP Announcements, read 830 times)
The Office of Research is pleased to invite you to the Inaugural Summer Research Program Presentation.For several years the Office of Research has operated competitive internal grant programs for researchers; now we are providing them the opportunity to share their research and scholarly activities with the campus. There are currently two summer research internal grant programs:

The Stimulating Competitive Research (SCoRe) program is to enhance researchers ability to successfully competed for extramural sponsored research funding.

The Creative Endeavor Opportunity (CEO) program is to provide support to launch programs of research, scholarship, exhibition or performance that will ultimately result in increased research and creative activity on campus. The proposals for both of the programs are modeled on Board of Regents grants.  That way, once researchers have completed the internal grant process, they have a foundation to use when applying for a Board of Regents grant.

Most of the researchers who received a summer research award this past year will present their findings to the campus at this event. Attached is the agenda, which lists when faculty will present and provides their home department. Also attached is a flyer listing some of the research titles.

I hope you can stop by, even if only briefly, to discover some of the research and creative activities taking place on our campus. Here is the time and location of the event:

Date:  Friday, October 10, 2014

Place:  UC, Room 211B, Innsbruck B

Time:  1:00 pm — 4:30 pm