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RFP for New LaNASA-EPSCoR Small Equipment Grant
By Admin (on 9/8/2014 @ 16:18:51, in Funding Opportunities, read 878 times)

Attached are the proposal guidelines for the new Small Equipment Grant (SEG) funding program established to complement the Research Awards Program (RAP), part of the NASA EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Development project in Louisiana. Proposals are officially being solicited as of today and will remain open as funding allows. Individuals holding an active RAP award are welcome to submit immediately; otherwise, researchers proposing to the RAP solicitation closing on 10/13/2014 may either submit a simultaneous proposal for an SEG OR they may wait to apply once award letters are issued.  Be sure to read the guidelines carefully and direct any additional questions to a member of the LaSPACE / La NASA EPSCoR management team. The attached guidelines can also be downloaded from the current solicitation page of our website (http://lanasaepscor.lsu.edu/).


Questions regarding this solicitation can be directed to Greg Guzik, Director-Elect, guzik@phunds.phys.lsu.edu or Colleen H. Fava, Manager, fava@phunds.phys.lsu.edu.

Please submit an electronic version of the proposal to eads@phys.lsu.edu (must include scanned signatures) before midnight on Monday, October 13, 2014.

For non-electronic submission send proposals to: Louisiana NASA EPSCoR – SEG, Department of Physics and Astronomy, 364 Nicholson Hall, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA  70803-4001

We are looking forward to a good competition and to making many new awards. Please share this request for proposals with your Louisiana research network.