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UNO Computer System Purchases
By Admin (on 6/26/2014 @ 11:54:47, in ORSP Announcements, read 889 times)

To: Faculty and Staff

From: Office of Business Affairs

Effective Date: 7/1/14

RE: Computer System Purchases

It is our mission to provide standard technology throughout the University to ensure a reduction in the overall cost as well as to remain in compliance with state guidelines.

The University of New Orleans has established a standardized configuration for laptops and desktops that will fit the needs of individuals and departments on campus.  University Computing and Communications (UCC) is responsible for providing the UNO community with computer system recommendations that will provide a secure and stable networking environment. 

All laptop and desktop computers that access UNO computing systems are required to be on the UNO network domain, to have updated operating systems and virus protection, and to follow the hardware standards indicated in this document.  A list of recommended standards has been developed for networked computers based on the Louisiana Office of Information Technology (OIT) current guidelines.  This list can be found in the UCC site under Purchasing Equipment

All computer requests should be emailed to UCC at projectsgroup@uno.edu prior to submitting a requisition to the Purchasing department. Once the request has been reviewed and approved by the UCC department, the end user will pick up from the approved tier computer listing and submit a requisition to Purchasing.  Any requests that go directly to Purchasing without prior UCC approval will be returned.  Make sure that UCC approval is tied to the purchase requisition.