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2013-2014 Fiscal Year End Deadlines Information
By Carol Lunn (on 6/19/2014 @ 13:40:15, in Important, read 877 times)
2013-2014 Fiscal Year End Deadlines Information

Invoices/Check Requests/Contractual Services/Travel Vouchers/Travel Logs/PCard Purchases

Due in Accounts Payable July 1 by Noon

In order to make the yearly closeout timely and accurate, please be aware of these important deadlines. Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Vendor Invoices Due Noon July 1, 2014

The following deadlines apply to all fund types (general, grant, & projects) regardless of fund type. If goods/services are delivered/rendered by 6/30/14, the invoice must be sent to Accounts Payable in order for it to be paid out of FY 2013-14 funds. If the invoice is not submitted to Accounts Payable by 7/1/2014, please notify Accounts Payable of the amount that needs to be expensed in FY 13-14.

Travel Vouchers/ Travel Logs/Check Requests/Contractual Services - Due Noon July 1, 2014

Reimbursement or payments directly to a vendor via check request or contractual agreement are not allowed on items which should have been purchased through the purchase order process. If you miss the PO deadlines, these items WILL NOT be accepted on a check request.

Remember to attach freeze exemptions to check requests and contractual services if applicable.

Travel advances are not charged to department budgets until properly supported travel vouchers are submitted to the AP department. Therefore, please clear your FY 13-14 travel advances.

BOA State Travel Card Charges

For travel that ends by June 30, logs and receipts for these charges must be submitted to Accounts Payable by Noon July 1.

PCard Purchases

All charges made through June 30 must be verified and approved by the supervisor by July 1.

Interdepartmental Billings

All interdepartmental billings must be submitted to General Accounting by Noon July 7.

Accounts Payable Contacts

Invoice Issues: Philip Coco pcoco@uno.edu

Travel Vouchers: Earline Barnes eallen@uno.edu

Check Requests, Honorariums, Contractual Services, Check Info: Greta Belmonte gatemple@uno.edu

BOA Travel and Pcard Issues: tmscott4@uno.edu

Budget Info, General Accounting Questions: Dana Bird dbird@uno.edu

General Accounting Contacts: Debra Alvarez interdepartmental@uno.edu