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ORSP Internal Summer Research Grant
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Summer Research Programs 2014

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is pleased to announce the opening of the competition for the 2014 Summer Research Programs. Eligible UNO faculty and research employees are encouraged to apply for one of these awards as a means of honing their grant-making skills, and for the purpose of developing new areas of research or scholarly endeavors. The forms and guidelines are available on the Summer Research Program SharePoint site: https://sharepoint.uno.edu/research/srp/default.aspx

There are two available summer awards:

1.             SCoRe (Stimulating Competitive Research)

The goal of the SCoRe award is to enhance the UNO faculty’s ability to successfully compete for extramural sponsored research funding. The SCoRe award is intended as seed money for faculty to develop a new area of research activity. Funding priorities include collection of preliminary data, planning and writing of grant proposals for external funding, maintenance of laboratory activities while preparing for a new area of research, and the purchase of research equipment. As a rule, the SCoRe award will not be used for on-going support of existing projects for which outside funding might reasonably be expected. Funding can be requested for graduate student support, undergraduate assistance, up to one month of PI regular summer salary (plus current fringe benefits rate), research supplies, travel and scientific equipment. Cap: $12,000.

2.             CEO (Creative Endeavor Opportunity)

The goal is to provide support for faculty to launch programs of research, scholarship, exhibition or performance that will ultimately result in increased research and creative activity on campus. Each proposal will be evaluated for its potential impact on the faculty member’s discipline, as well as its contribution to the faculty member’s development as a researcher, teacher and scholar in a specific field of knowledge. This funding could be used for as much as one month regular summer salary (plus current fringe benefits rate), research support, or subventions (page charges, book subventions, theatre/music/art productions) or some combination thereof. Cap: $5,000

Budget Note: These internal awards may be used to support regular summer salary, but may not be used for extra compensation. The current fringe benefit rate (41%) is charged and must be included within the appropriate budget limit. Indirect cost is not charged on internal awards.

Deadline for submission of applications:  March 24, 2014

Dates for funds to be used:  

Day after spring academic appointments end: May 17, 2014  

Day before fall academic appointments begin: August 10, 2014

Final Report Due: October 1, 2014