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Government Shutdown
By Carol Lunn (on 10/4/2013 @ 14:17:11, in Important, read 1110 times)
Our federal sponsors had prepared written procedures for what to expect in the event of a government shut-down, and we hope that the shut-down will be brief. Some of the key items relative to impacts on our campus are:

Proposal submissions to federal agencies - Grants.gov will continue to be functional during a shut-down for receipt of grant proposals. However, grants.gov will not be delivering the proposals to the sponsoring agencies. Therefore, you will not know until the shutdown concludes whether your proposal made it through all of the error checking for that particular agency’s rules. For NSF proposals, Fastlane will not be available during the shutdown. NSF will provide updated information about any deadlines occurring during a shutdown after business at the agency resumes.

Grant and Contract Funding - Agencies will allow work being performed under already funded awards to continue unless an agency has provide a stop work notice for a particular award. No new awards, award increments, supplements or modifications will be processed during the shutdown. HHS will allow the university to continue to draw down funds on existing awards, but NSF’s payment mechanisms will not be available. Nonetheless, UNO will continue to support existing projects to prevent disruption of research activities. In the event a project account expires while waiting for the next award increment, please utilize the Advance Number Request Form https://sharepoint.uno.edu/research/default.aspx to continue your sponsored research account.

Research Collaborations/subcontracts - Sponsored Programs will not be able to issue (execute) new subawards or subaward amendments on federally funded programs that are expired during the shut- down even if an advance account request is in place. Collaborators should be prepared to utilize their own risk-account processes for the duration of the shut-down in order to continue ongoing research work.

Availability of federal staff - Federal staff will be furloughed for the duration of the shut down and will not be available for questions or discussions or speaking engagements.

Grant and Contract Reporting - NSF and HHS systems for reporting (research.gov, RPPR) will not be functional during a shutdown. Federal staff will also not be available to assist with requests for modifications and/or guidance relative to your awards. Please be prepared to submit required reports as soon as the government and its systems are up and running again.

You can find more detailed information about individual agency specifics by following the links below:





Thank you.