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ORSP Survey needs completion by August 1- PLEASE READ
By Admin (on 7/23/2010 @ 11:01:29, in Important, read 1794 times)

You may already have received the request below to take a survey for the Office of Research.  ORSP needs to gather information on the number of faculty and staff who are veterans.  For those staff that are veterans we require a little more information.  If you indicate that you are not a veteran, the survey will end at that point.  If you have already taken the survey you do not have to take it again.  We have noticed that the email may go to the Junk mail folder for some users, we are resending the link from a UNO email account.  Because of the importance of the VETS100a form we need to get a high response on the survey.  My apologies for sending this to you a second time.   Again, if you have already completed the survey, you do not need to take it a second time.

The Office of Research at the University of New Orleans needs statistical data from UNO faculty and staff to qualify for an $8M Navy contract.  The required information regarding veterans is not currently collected in PeopleSoft.   By accurately providing the information below in a timely manner you will help the University compete for this contract. 

We ask that you complete the survey by August 1.  The survey is very brief, only 5 questions.

Thank you for your assistance.