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ORAU/ORNL High Performance Computing Grants
By Dr. Whittenburg (on 11/7/2012 @ 08:35:53, in Funding Opportunities, read 1279 times)
ORAU is announcing a Call for Proposals for the FY 2013 ORAU/ORNL High Performance Computing Program. The plan is to award two new grants. The FY 2013 Call for Proposals is similar to the FY 2012 program. Proposals must be submitted by an ORAU member institution faculty member in collaboration with an Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) research staff member listed as a principal investigator on one of the ORNL 2013 Research Projects. Information on how to apply, the proposal requirements, and the list of ORNL research projects is available on the Members Only web site. Enter your Members Only user-id and password, and under the Apply for Faculty and Student Programs menu on the right, select ORAU/ORNL High Performance Computing Grant Program. Proposals are due by noon EST on Monday, December 17, 2012, and must be endorsed and submitted by the institutionís ORAU Councilor. Only one faculty proposal per institution will be considered. This program provides ORAU member institutions with a potential of $75K in funding (over three years) for research using ORNL's supercomputing resources in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Please share this preliminary call for proposals with interested faculty at your institution. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail Cathy Fore at 865-241-8158, cathy.fore@orau.org.