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LaSIP Proposal Funded
By Dr. Whittenburg (on 6/23/2011 @ 15:08:30, in Vice President Ramblings, read 1538 times)
Drs. Germain-McCarthy and Jensen’s grant proposal to the state for the 2011- 2012 LaSIP mathematics professional development for teachers in grades 4 – 8 will be funded! The project includes 12 days of workshop from July 5- 20 and 5 follow-up days during the academic year. The project will use the lesson study process to promote inquiry learning in the numbers and relations strand. Teachers who complete the project will receive a stipend of $180 per-6hr-day, $100 to purchase materials and three UNO graduate credits. For more information and an application, contact Dr. Germain McCarthy at (504) 280-6533 or ygermain@uno.edu.