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BoR Funding Results Available
By Dr. Whittenburg (on 4/7/2011 @ 10:36:35, in Board of Regents, read 1591 times)

The results are in and are displayed on the BoR website(http://web.laregents.org/downloads/consultant-reports/fy-2010-11/). UNO funded proposals are:

Industrial Ties - Zhou (AMRI) #1 ranked

Enhancement - Multidisciplinary Spinu (PHYS/AMRI), Business Kennett-Hensel (MARK), Chemistry Tarr (CHEM) #1 ranked, Poudeu (CHEM/AMRI), Mathematics Solanky (MATH), Physics Stokes (PHYS/AMRI) #1 ranked, [Dr. Malkinski's proposal is recommended for funding if funds available, priority score is 92). Congratulations one and all.